Days Off Are For The Birds

When we are not busy with a job or other life obligations, we like to relax at home or take a short trip to one of our favorite places in the Pittsburgh area. On this weekend, our niece Michelle stayed with us. We kicked off the weekend with a trip to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh and the National Aviary. At the Children's Museum, we learned how to use a loom, made stop motion videos, played with Rube Goldberg contraptions, played in the water, and did a few other things before heading to the Aviary for a special appointment.

On the way to the Aviary, we walked past the Allegheny Traditional Academy and noticed three doors with carvings of facial expressions above them. Obviously, we could not pass up a good opportunity for a fun photo. 

Our special appointment at the Aviary was with an African penguin named Tribby. We, along with a handful of other people, hung out with Tribby for about 30 minutes. We learned all about her species and had the opportunity to play with her, pet her, and get our photos taken with her. Word of caution from Robert: She can sense you giving her bunny ears and will bite you-- it does not hurt so might be worth it to you :)

When we asked Michelle what she wanted to do for the weekend, she said, "Take Freddy on adventures." So, on Sunday, we turned Freddy into a super hero (Super Freddy). We made him a cape from an old, red t-shirt and built a cityscape for him to protect and serve. We may have gone a little overboard, but the results are fantastic.
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